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chrisevanslj's Journal

chris evans
23 skidoo, absolutely fabulous, afa, aff, anarcho-socialism, anti art, antipasti, archie comics, art exchange, badass computer shit, bargello, ben folds five, big bang, big beautiful women, black and white photos, butt sex, career, cellars, cellular, chinon, classical fencing, coaching, coco chanel, colgate, count cain, darth krayt, dnb, dublin core, dungeons & dragons online, edward munch, electric light orchestra, employment law, ethnic, eyes wide shut, fancy dress, flip-flops, fort minor, friday night lights, fruity loops, funny games, fx, glass blowing, gnu, goa trance, god free youth, guys in tight pants, gybe, haley joel osment, hanuman, hello! project, hermes, ian holm, iguana, isaac, istanbul, it's my life, jacking off, james morrison, javier bardem, jem, jewels, john munch, judge judy, lana lang, ldap, lea salogna, les paul, lion, louisville, low poly, lynyrd skynyrd, madvillain, mage, max factor, megatokyo, mickie james, mod the sims 2, mommies, montage, motorbikes, mushing, mustang, newcastle-upon-tyne, npg, orphaned land, ouran highschool host club, pan american, peterpan, play boy, poker, pre-op, premieres, pro-mia, prodigy, r&j, real estate, real person fiction, remote control, riddles, rilo kiley, roisin murphy, roland, scat, self-harm, sense, sex positions, shannon, sharpe, siriusxremus, smart fourfour, smoking, social anxiety disorder, socioligy, styles, sweet dreams, tablet pc, tabletop rpg, takanaga hinako, tea gardner, ted hughes, tengen toppa gurren lagann, the boondocks, the dark side, the third policeman, the tiger lillies, tina majorino, tracing, trisha elric, uchi hiroki, vampire princess miyu, warhammer, wolverine/rogue, www.di.fm